Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ever heard of yoga-ballet? There are some studios that actually do yoga-ballet fusion workouts, but I haven't tried it yet. A few weeks a go I did this yoga-ballet shoot, and here are two pics from it. 
I looove to dance and always wanted to be a ballet dancer but I had waaay to little disciple for it. The closes I've been is a tutu skirt that I rock from time to time. (Ok don't judge, it can work depending on what you wear with it.)  

In the first pic I'm doing Pigeon pose, it stretch and releases tension in the hips  and lower abdomen. Second pics is wheel-pose. It opens up your chest, helps to tone the spine, increases the breathing capacity of the lungs, relieves tightness in the back and shoulders, and prevents back pains. It can take a while to get up there, but keep trying.. it's all about baby steps. Keep going little by little, you'll get there. 

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