Friday, August 1, 2014


Last weekend was just phenomenal. We had a fundraiser for for Babies of Boracay a daycare in Boracay, Philippines where my friend Eleni is volunteering and taking care of kids that would just be out on the street all day otherwise. They do get some funding but not enough to stay open all year around, and just need general supply and some healthy food options. 

Thank YOU Everyone sooo much for coming and having fun and supporting Babies of Boracay!! Had such a great time!! We raised 925200W ($900USD). Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon. :D
Big hugs and lots of love to everyone that showed up! An all my lovely friends for being a part of it and just having a good time but mainly for lending me your talents all afternoon. Thanx a mill to the bands MILK and Part Time Cooks, and the amazing DJ's Mykian and David Eps, couldn't have done this without you. 
Super super thank you's to all the SPONSORS!!!!



Thank you for being in my life, all you aaaah-mazing people!! Hope you had as much fun as I did.
If you want more info about the even please check out the facebook page here.

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