Tuesday, August 27, 2013


As I was standing and waiting for the buss at the North Terminal in Cebu, I bumped into Anna, and what do you know, she was also going up to the north of Cebu and the port Hagnaya, (it took about 3 hours and cost 250 Php, if I'm not misaken) to spend the weekend on Bantayan Island. We crossed over to to the island with the 1 hour fast ferry ride, and reached Santa Fe area where we were both staying. 

I was staying at the Kota Beach Resort and I can totally recommend it! The bungalows are very very basic, but they're right on the beach which is gorgeous and resort is great. The sand is amazing and an extension of the famous Sugar beach. Another place I saw and liked was Ogtong Cave Resort, with it's own little cave (but u can only swim in it if your staying there tho), beautiful sceneries over there but a smaller beach. 

Cool thing that happend when we were on Bantayan is that they were having a island carnival, that later blossomed into a full on fiesta! We met a fun German/Philippino gang and did some karaoke at a random outside convenience store. The next day it was a bit cloudy, but I didn't really mind cuz the waves were pretty good. I love plying and jumping in the waves, so I was a happy baby elephant. ;)

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