Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Photography by Ryan Hager
Graphics by Moni

There's so many hills in Seoul. I get a work-out everyday just walking home! I went to Namsan which is a hill (!) and park here in Seoul, so nice to hang out on days like this when it's both snowy and sunny! 
It doesn't snow that often in Seoul, but when it does it's not even that cold. I was wearing my new shoes from the cute online store Perche. Even though they are heels, they're comfortable to walk in because there wedges. OK, I know I'm obsessed with wedges. :) Also to me nothing beats a bright color bag in winter time to bring your outfit some extra energy. I love this one from Perche because it has two separate big compartments so I don't loose my stuff in it... that easy anyway. ;) Gosh, what is it with girls and bags?

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  1. You're hanging upside down you cute little monkey !!! checking out Perche right away !


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