Thursday, January 10, 2013


Photography by Ryan Hager

All I've been doing these last 3 weeks is living on young coconuts and other rare amazing tropical fruits.  We even made up our own drink, Absolut Young Coconut: fresh coconut juice, Absolut Vodka and a splash of Sprite. Made tons of versions of it by putting Dragon Fruit (the pink and yellow fruit) and Mangosteen (the little brown ones) in it too. So we call it Absolut Koh Tao cuz it's just pure goodness like the place. Koh Tao is just incredible, many gorgeous views and beautiful green-blue water filled with tropical fish.
We stayed at the amazing Ko Tao Resort, Paradise Zone. First the Deluxe Room and then moved to the Luxury Paradise Room which comes with it's own private hot tub! YAY! The hotel has a Beach Zone too, a little bus takes you down there in just 5 minutes and it's a small but lovely white beach next to Shark Bay and Freedom Beach. Just perfect for snorkeling.  If you're planning a trip to Koh Tao send me a message and I can give you all the information you'll need for a magical time.  

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