Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Pictures by Sharon Heit

Slowly but surely Spring Is Coming to Korea. (And with that the only show that I watch.-Yes, that one, you guessed it! ;) So happy that the cherry blossoms are out and it looks like beautiful pink-white snow all over the place. Me and Sharon were walking around Namsan and it was dazzling to finally see some colors popping up. I've been in the Philippines a lot lately, but when I was back in Seoul and it was all snowy and -10° it felt like it was never gonna get warm again. But everything changes, I forget that sometimes. Happy when it hits me again, cuz that's when I appreciate Now and the circumstances I'm in more. Enjoy the ride, right?

Learning a lot about myself right now, meditating a lot ... I'm doing this wonderful online course at with Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati he has this really great and easy way of putting things in a way that makes you understand about, and how to meditate. This video is a sample of what the course is like. 
Also check out his youtube channel YogaBindu.

Monday, March 31, 2014

LIGHT A MILLION HOMES - Fashion One Foundation

Had the great honor to be part of this amazing project last year, where we went to Palawan and gave out Solar Lanterns to people with no electricity. Thank you Fashion One Foundation!!! 

If you want to Donate please check out the link below.


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hi All! Gotto tell you about this great place 2 hours outside of Manila called Lorealand Farm Resort and the hanging gardens. Wow, super amazing spa and the perfect getaway if you don't want to go to far but still want to feel like your away from the city. I only spent the day there (900Php!) and yes it was like something out of a dream. I did yoga right there on the edge of the pool!!! Check out these cute pictures I took of the place.

So what else is new? Well I'm pretty excited, becuse I'm taking Sadie Nardini's online Evolution Teacher training, it focuses on core strength and how to flow into poses more naturally. The point is to have the students hit the poses organically so you don't have to adjust them after they hit the pose,  and getting them there right away by using the core strength meridian. I've been doing a lot of bellybutton in-and-up action, rolling and waving my spine into the poses... and, I like it. 

How it works in a Warrior Two: from Downward Facing Dog bend your knees and elbows, inhale your right leg up (3 legged dog), sweep your knee to your nose, while simultaneously pulling your bellybutton in-and-up and rounding the top of your spine. Step the right foot to your right thumb, push your feet down and wave your spine longer, so your looking forward. Push your feet down and ground your back foot outward (towards a 45° angle) pull your pelvic floor muscles, psoas muscle and bellybutton in-and-up and then rolling up your spine while opening up to the side. When the unraveling hit the top of the spine, that's when you start lengthening your arms out. Now you've built the pose from your inner muscles and  strength and it just matches your body, you don't have to think about lowering your shoulders cuz they will already be relaxed, your knee is already in the right position and so are you hips. Try it out and see.

More from Saidie Nardini.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014


To stretch the shoulders, armpits, triceps and chest at the same time, you can do the Gomukasana (Cow Face) arm pose. Just stretch your right arm up, rotate it inwardly so your thumb turns downward towards the floor. Sweep your arm down and behind your back, bend your elbow and bring your hand in-between your shoulder blades.

Inhale and stretch the left arm up with the palm tuned back, bend the elbow and reach down toward your hand, and if you can, hook your fingers together. Roll your shoulders out and feel the stretch in your chest and upper arms. 

Usually this arm stretch is done sitting down, but you can also ad it while doing Warrior One for variation. 

Info from Yoga Journal.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


A super awesome variation of a green smoothie, is to use Moringa (or Malunggay, as it's called in the Philippines) instead of your usual kale. Blend it with coconut water for hydration, bananas as sweetener, cucumbers  to make it taste fresh and add ginger for that little extra bite at the end. Moringa/Malunggay has so many benefits, but it's not a very well known super food. It should be, just take a look below and find out why. :)